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Control KMtronic LAN relays using Explorer Bookmarks

18 June 2015 Control KMtronic WEB relays using Browser Bookmarks Control KMtronic USB, RS485 and TCP(Web) relay boards by Domoticz

KMtronic LAN Relay

16 June 2015 ModbusTools and KMtronic Modbus TCP Relay board

12 June 2015 RS485 ModBus Relays via Loxone Miniserver and ModBus extension

05 June 2015 Read Status xml KMtronic WEB LAN relays

03 June 2015 Control KMtronic UDP LAN relays via Packet Sender Softrware

01 June 2015 Control KMtronic USB, RS485, RS232 relay boards via EXCEL files

27 May 2015 Control KMtronic USB, RS485, RS232 relay boards via BAT files

26 May 2015 DINo board is back in stock

23 May 2015 Domoticz supports the KMTronic USB and TCP(Web) relay boards

19 May 2015 Aria G25 Linux Embedded module by Acme Systems srl















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